Four Ponds Farm is an excellent place for a horse to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere when coming off the track. Whether it be their first step in transitioning to a new career or an active racehorse rehabilitating an injury, the facilities at Four Ponds Farm provide a large range of layup opportunities. When rehabilitating an injury, a multitude of therapies are used, including Magna Wave PEMF and laser therapy. All rehab care and therapies are done by Rosie. Individual and group turnout is available.


With 20 years of unprecedented experience working with Thoroughbreds, Rosie has a unique perspective in transitioning horses from the track. Along with a 10-year career as a professional jockey, Rosie has experience with Eventing, Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, and Fox Hunting. Each horse’s training is customized, focusing on the disciplines in which the horse will most likely excel. The facilities at Four Ponds Farm provide great opportunities for new experiences for a green horse. The farm is also conveniently located with a plethora of local facilities to take a horse off property to school, including the Kentucky Horse Park!


Rosie carefully selects Thoroughbreds from the racetrack who are ready to retire from racing. She focuses on finding horses with good confirmation, good movement, and a good brain. Horses are offered for sale at various stages of training. You may find horses listed as fresh off the track, with some training, or regularly competing.